3 Reasons Why You Won't Lose Weight

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We get so hyped up when we're watching the Biggest Looser, people like us can lose weight week after week. When the show ends you just want to jump up start doing everything to get thin. Next morning it dawns on us that it's not that easy and we have to change our whole lifestyle This is when we hit the concrete wall, we're creatures of habit meaning what we have done today we have did it yesterday and a week ago as well. This is why most lose weight programs fail. They want us to change our way of life and we're against it.

If we really want to change our lifestyle we need a lot of willpower and there's so much that you're getting for a day and this is chipped away every passing hour. We might be determined not to eat pizza early in the morning but by the time we get home after a long days work our will power is depleted and we give into temptation.

So how can fit into our old clothes without giving up our current lifestyle?

Have you ever heard of green coffee beans? Well if you didn't let me tell you this, it's the miracle weight loss product you were searching for years that actually gives results.

green coffee

I know I know I've been there a few times my self. There's a new wonder pill out there which is taking over the internet promising heaven and earth. Also it takes over the television and you see it literally everywhere. After a few weeks later it's gone because it was all hype.

Will this be the faith of the green coffee extract? I don't think so because it has been on the market almost a year now and the testimonials from all the people who have used it, is pilling up.

What can I say, so far it looks promising.

Green Coffee Beans Vs Roasted Coffee Beans

green coffee beansMost people are addicted to coffee in one form or the other. Most of us don't know that there's a huge difference between the raw and the roasted form. We know that for our morning cup we use roasted beans.

The key ingridient in the green coffee bean is Chlorogenic acid. Now when the beans get roasted this acid is destroyed. So if you want to benefit of this great compound you need to get it in the raw form.

There's a small problem with the green coffee. In it's raw form it's extremely bitter. So make sure when you're taking your capsules you consume a good cup of water after it. If you haven't read it yet for the best results you should take a capsule 30 minutes before a meal and drink water. The secondary effect of the water is that it makes you feel full faster so you will be eating less.

The Pure Green Coffee Extract Study

green coffee cupThere was a study done with 16 participants. These volunteers were all overweight and they were given green coffee bean extracts and some of them gotten a placebo. 


Now this study has been published and Dr. Oz ** has presented it to the world on his TV show. On average people have lost 17 pounds in the course of 22 weeks. The most amazing thing is that they haven't had to changed their life style.


They were eating the same thing in the same quantities and they weren't doing extra workouts either. In other words they were living their normal life and still managed to lose weight in a comfortable way.

Is It Worth It?

Think about this long and hard. How many times have you started on a weight loss program? How many times did you manage to get measurable results? How long did it last?

In most cases sadly the results don't last long because these programs rely on the fact that we can easily change how we live our life. When we have been doing the same thing over and over for years even we can't change our mind set over night. Sooner or later we will end up with our old habits again.

Why is this green coffee extract different? Because it doesn't rely on you to change your way of life. Of course eating healthy and getting enough workout will help you lose even more weight. But if you want to take the relaxing way then you can live your normal life.

To answer the title question yes it's worth it. Yes it will get you fitter and it will be long lasting.

Risks And Side Effects

green coffee packageWe know that when you alter your way of life there will be side effects. And most diet pills and weight loss programs have some pretty unconfortable side effects associated with them.

Refering back to the study all those people who have participated had shown no side effects what so ever. Though they have followed the nutrition experts recommendations to the letter.

First of all you should take two capsules a day. A half an hour before you're having a meal. Also make sure you drink a full glass of water after you have taken the capsule. 

Cravings? Good questions, but what cravings? Cravings appear when you whithold something that you're used getting. But with this solution you aren't giving up anything, you're doing everything normally so you won't have any cravings.

Where Can You Purchase Your Green Coffee Extract?

Make sure when you purchase it's from a reputable source. Because it's been on the market for so long and it has been proven to work it has been reported that some merchants are selling inferior quality product.

We have done an extensive research and we have selected the best provider. So when you place an order from this supplier you can rest assure that you're getting the best of the best.

green coffee

** Note: Dr Oz, hasn't endorsed any product on his show.nor is this product endorsed by him.

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